Find out how Big Data analytics can help your company

One of the specialized services we offer here at Spyhce is directly related to Big Data analytics and the benefits it provides for companies using it. However, not a lot of entrepreneurs know just how important Big Data and data mining can be for their business, which is why we answered some of the frequently asked questions below.

What is Big Data?

It’s a set of data exploration tools and technologies that allows you to handle large data sets. It works by applying smart algorithms on large data sets for discovering knowledge that would otherwise remain unseen. This kind of data mining will allow you to make predictive analytics in order to make better decisions for your company.
Short version: it automates what people thought it cannot be automated.

Why should I care about Big Data?

As an entrepreneur, big data analytics will provide you with valuable insights into how your company is really doing and what the feedback from customers and partners really is like. You can make more accurate predictions about your market in shorter time and at lower costs.

It creates business advantages by simply reusing the existing data.

What are the advantages I get from implementing Big Data?

Nowadays, information is power and time saving is money saving, which is exactly what data analytics provides. Other advantages include safe storage of data, new revenue streams, reduced maintenance costs, customized website in real time, re-shaped products or services and an improved relationship with your customers.

How can I implement Big Data in the activity of my company?

Once you realized how enormous the gain can be, there are only three easy steps to do it:
  •  find good people
  •  let them work and apply their knowledge
  •  use the information provided by the analysis to make smarter and faster business decisions

What other companies use Big Data analytics?

Every big company in the world uses it. The most well-known are Google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. Also, smart smaller businesses use data mining too in order to provide the best services for customers.
Examples of Big Data applications: Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s product recommendations.

How important will be Big Data in the future?

Let’s put it this way: a couple years ago, data mining and analytics was considered some sort of nice-to-have toys of the rich. Today, Big Data is everywhere.
Tomorrow, companies will not be able to survive without it.

What are the most common sources a company can extract Big Data information from?

Data is imbedded in every aspect of your business. You can find useful information in software applications, cash registers, book keeping records, web page access log, customers’ feedback or even Social Media channels.
You just need to know where to look.

Why should I choose Spyhce for implementing Big Data in my company?

Sometimes, companies simply don’t realize how much amount of data they have on hand and how many advantages they would get from implementing it into their business. This is where we come in. We have expertise in various domains, we are up to date with the latest technologies (Apache Spark, Cassandra), we are able to find the best solution possible and we can offer consultancy services since the very beginning. 

We have the knowledge, the experience and the expertise needed to turn your data into valuable information.
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