Smartfeedz Social Media Aggregator

Smartfeedz is a Social Media aggregator that aims to collect Social Media messages from several different sources and present them live during an event.
All Social Media posts with #event are scrapped and highlighted using one single "wall" full of opinions, pictures and feedback, as your conference/festival events are rolling and guests/participants are interacting via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.


Providing real-time relevant multimedia (images, videos & text) from well-known social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, that can be used for display on various events websites.


Using social network’s APIs, combined with Django Webframework & Python, the application exposes an endpoint created with DRF (Django REST Framework), which will return the scraped data from the Social Networks.


Smartfeedz is a standalone application that makes social interaction and gathering infomation related to a specific event easy to use, track and analyze.
Historical data are stored and compared, while interaction with specific channels can be tracked via live analytics and encouraged on the spot via gamification and contests.
Multiple events can also be displayed in parallel, using the same wall.
Social Media coverage can be managed from one place by your marketing team.
This Social Media aggregator can be included in your website or can be hosted by Spyhce.