We are one of the very few
companies in Eastern Europe focusing 
on Python Software Development,
a dynamic high-level programming
language that emphasizes
a simple and clean code.


About us

We are a team of excellent Software Developers using Python Programming for achieving the best web development solutions out there. We have the answers you’re looking for, the technical knowledge you might be missing and the means to code your dreams to life.


Website development has no secrets for us. We have the expertise needed to offer you the best web development services due to our vast experience in:

·        Social media aggregators
·        High traffic media applications
·        User behavior monitoring tools
·        Ecommerce development
·        Big Data – algorithms, data mining, polyglot databases, analytics solutions
·        Scraping tools
·        Deep learning solutions
·        Survey modules
·        Credits modules
·        Payment modules
·        Team collaboration tools
·        Educational content solutions
·        API, web services development
·        User Management and Single Sign On solutions
·        Private cloud solutions
·        Scalability tailored solutions
·        Environment security solutions

Technology stack & tooling

We all here are Python Developers and love this programming language. But that doesn’t mean that other technologies don’t interest us. On the contrary, you will be happy to find out that we also master the following:

·        Django and Flask as Python frameworks
·        AngularJS, JQuery as Javascript frameworks
·        PostgreSQL and MySQL
·        Redis, Celery and Celerybeat for async processing and scheduling
·        Amazon AWS
·        Google App Engine
·        OpenStack
·        Apache Spark

We use Agile methodology (both SCRUM and Kanban), Jira and Pivotal as issue trackers, Git/Bitbucket as revision control systems.

We have experience with Odoo (former OpenERP) implementation, customization and integration services, Odoo private cloud on OpenStack and scalability/performance tailored solutions. We deploy Odoo suiting your business needs after customization and also help you run it properly, integrate it with your current systems and assign a dedicated consultant to offer support and training. 



"It was wonderful to work with Spyhce/Smartfeedz at EuroPython 2015 Bilbao. Thanks to them we could locate all the Social Media in one place and all the issues occurring in the app were managed really fast."
Oier Echaniz, ACPySS Chair, EuroPython 2015 on-site team


Our Clients:

Regardless of your location, be sure we can help you.
We currently work with customers from the Netherlands, US, Germany, Romania and China