Jibe Big Data - Business Intelligence

Our customer Jibe Company is a Dutch tech company providing Big Data, Data-warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions. Nowadays, companies reach-out to and engage with their audience through many channels using a mix of content and applications. Business owners and marketeers experience challenges in their need of oversight and insight to gain grip and understanding. Therefore centralizing management and marketing information is of crucial importance to successfully manage a business. Jibe provides data-warehousing solutions where data is centralized, reporting is standardized, analysis and segmentation tools are added to understand, target and personalize the business offering on various channels.

Together with their customers, Jibe co-created the Social Brand Builder platform, providing data-centralization, management dashboards and reporting and customer segmentation tools. Jibe’s customers – typically entertainment, media and consumer products companies – now have full oversight and control over their online performance and impact on business results. Especially those companies owning a portfolio of brands, benefit additionally from the immediate standardization of reporting and insights.


Centralized data, insight and management tools for business owners and marketeers to control their on-line performance, know their customer behavior, and segment customers to target and personalize their offering to improve business results. 


Jibe’s Social Brand Builder is a (big) data-warehouse platform, equipped with Business & Marketing Intelligence tools, developed on a Django / Python based framework.  Data source include: web-analytics tools, mailing-platforms, social networks, webshops, ticketing platforms, app-download platforms, digital radio platforms.


Through the cloud-based offering, and many data-sources already covered, businesses can take advantage of managing their business and marketing activities quick and low-cost.