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You can find us in Cluj-Napoca, a stunning Romanian city also known as the „Silicon Valley” of Europe.

If you’re not passing by or living here, please give us a call or email us. We’ll gladly respond to your inquiry. Otherwise, feel free to drop by our office for a chat or get in touch with us to plan a meeting.


Calea Moților no. 28, Cluj Napoca

T / +31 77 8080 140 (Dutch, German, English)
T / +49 211 21070426 (German)

hello [at] spyhce.com or Tweet @SpyhceRo

Cluj-Napoca and why we love living here

We could write (or code) and entire story about why Cluj-Napoca is the best city to live in (and maybe we will at some point) but for now we’ll give you just a few reasons:

• It has an international airport with direct connections to many European airports at an affordable price
• Due to the business activity and the important universities located here, Cluj-Napoca has some great cultural diversity
• It’s an extraordinary business center with a fast growing IT industry
• It has some amazing and unique examples of architecture
• People are incredibly nice and always ready to help you
• There are parks and green areas everywhere!
• The food is amazing, and you can find almost any delicacy here
• There are great tourist attractions both in the city and nearby
• You can never get bored here. Events such as concerts or different kinds of festivals will keep you occupied all the time
• It’s a great city for shopping enthusiasts, with two large malls and a lot of boutique shops
• Art, architecture, music, movies, nature and good people seem to have met in Cluj-Napoca
Visit us and maybe you’ll help us expand this list.