Coding Contest 2nd edition!
TechSanta brought you Spyhce Coding Contest 2nd edition!

Spyhce Cluj-Napoca, Dec. 2, 2015, by Julia
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if isinstance (your_ornament, MostCreativeOrnament):

    return you, voucher

TechSanta brought you Spyhce Coding Contest 2nd edition!

This year he wants to see some cleverly coded ornaments for his Christmas Tree.
For the most satisfying ornaments he will give two vouchers (150 Ron and 50 Ron) to buy yourself some nice winter sports clothing from Decathlon.
You choose how you do the coding (output an image, ASCII etc.) and in what programming language you do it (Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, HTML CSS, C++, Bash you name it) just do not print directly the Unicode char for the ornament.

How can you be part of Santa’s Tech Team?
- share your coded ornament on Spyhce Facebook page (post the code and attach a picture of the output)

TechSanta will consider the code, the end result and the compliance to the above rules and he will announce the result on December 21 at 15:00.

Deadline December 20, 2015 end of day (23:59).

What was Tech Santa’s decision?  

He adjudicated the first prize to Florin Tomozei who sent him a creative and funny Gingerbread man who wished him a Merry Christmas after it was taken out from the oven. The Gingerbread man was “baked” in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The second prize belongs to a really innovative ornament created by Andrei Avram. He wrote his entry in OpenSCAD, because his 3D printer needs objects to have a flat surface to build on, he made the snowflake from two (flat) parts that fit together into one piece. The result is hanging on Santa’s Christmas Tree.

In the name of Tech Santa’s Team we would like to congratulate!
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