Having a hard time as a marketer in IT? See here how to make the most out of it!
A non-tech persons perspective in a technological environment.

Spyhce Cluj-Napoca, Oct. 29, 2015, by Julia
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Are you a non-tech person working in an IT environment? We bet that your life was a little bit complicated at first, as it was for our colleague in the Marketing department. In order to find out how she managed to stay alive all these months working with us and learning lots of new things, we asked her a few questions. If you find yourself in her situation we highly recommend that you read this and share it with others. There might be some people out there looking for advice on how to deal with technology enthusiasts like us on a daily basis.  
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I try to find the good in each situation. 

CariereinIT 2015 | Spyhce
Python quizzes and lots of applicants

Spyhce Cluj-Napoca, March 19, 2015, by Andrei
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Cluj-Napoca, March 9th, 2015, CariereinIT. We started the snowy spring by going “in the field” and taking one step ahead in making Spyhce known among students. Two days passed in a flash among eager to help volunteers, university graduates and undergraduates and other IT enthusiasts.
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Hi! I’m Andrei!
I joined Spyhce from the earliest starting point, motivated by the opportunity to build something great alongside my colleagues. Inspired by the scientist-practitioner model, I guide my work by the most significant research in the field. Also, I guide my future research by the questions I ask myself in applied practice. My core values are happiness and fulfilment. One cannot exist without the other. I achieve my goals with a mindset to contribute beyond myself – it’s about us. Hope to meet you soon!

Spyhce up your career with a Python Internship
Python Internship for IT students and fresh graduates

Spyhce Cluj-Napoca, Jan. 28, 2015, by Cristina
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Cluj-Napoca, January 28th, 2015. SPYHCE UP YOUR CAREER ! Python Internship. Spyhce plans to keep IT students and fresh graduates busy in 2015 with several career boosting programs. We started the year by announcing a Python Internship that will begin this spring. 3 colleagues will join Spyhce for 1 month of active learning, under the direct guidance of our senior Python Developers, directly interacting with our project teams.

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I am Cristina. What I do best ? I move things! While smiling.