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Spyhce was the pleased host of RoPython Cluj Meetup

Training Cluj-Napoca, June 11, 2015, by Andrei
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Cluj Napoca, June 11, 2015 , On the second week of June, Spyhce was the pleased host of RoPython Cluj Meetup, having on the agenda two fascinating subjects: RoPython-Graphs utilizing Networkx (introduced by Mihai Gociu) and Semantic web with Python utilizing RDFlib (exhibited by Ana Maria Ghiran)...
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Hi! I’m Andrei!
I joined Spyhce from the earliest starting point, motivated by the opportunity to build something great alongside my colleagues. Inspired by the scientist-practitioner model, I guide my work by the most significant research in the field. Also, I guide my future research by the questions I ask myself in applied practice. My core values are happiness and fulfilment. One cannot exist without the other. I achieve my goals with a mindset to contribute beyond myself – it’s about us. Hope to meet you soon!