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one year of delivering projects, one year spent together as a focused and determined team

Spyhce Cluj-Napoca, Dec. 19, 2014, by Cristina
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Cluj-Napoca, December, 19th, 2014. Today we celebrate one year of delivering projects together with our customers from the Netherlands, China and the US, one year spent together as a focused and determined team – one year of Spyhce.

While our plan was to end this year with a team of 8, we achieved almost double our set goal, closing the year with a solid team of 15 people. Each of us contributed to this success and we are really proud to be able to Spyhce up your software and also Spyhce up our everyday non-corporate life at the same time.

Special thanks to our mother companies from the Netherlands, 8vance and Jibe, to Peter, Rick, Edwin and Han who brought in their many years of experience in business, finance, marketing, project management and service delivery.

We look forward to an even more successful 2015, with great minds and great personalities joining our team, coffee/coding partners both easy to work with and challenging.

With a balanced combination of our own products and projects, a focus on revealing Python’s magic to coders (through workshops, trainings, internships and contests) and, of course, having fun, 2015 promises to be an intense and stimulating year for us!

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