We are one of the very few
companies in Eastern Europe focusing 
on Python Software Development
a dynamic high-level programming
language that emphasizes
a simple and clean code.

Python based software solutions

We were born on December 2013 as a subsidiary of Jibe BV and 8vance BV, two Dutch companies with many years of experience, dedicated teams of professionals and hundreds of satisfied customers across the globe.
We work in close cooperation with both Cluj-Napoca and international Universities in Germany and the Netherlands.


We are able to develop the best software solutions due to our vast experience in:
• Social media aggregators 
• High traffic media applications 
• User behaviour monitoring tools
• E-commerce applications 
• Big Data – algorithms, data mining, polyglot databases, analytics solutions 
• Scraping tools, Deep learning solutions 
• Survey modules 
• Credits modules 
• Payment modules 
• Team collaboration tools 
• Educational content solutions 
• API, web services development 
• User Management and Single Sign On solutions 
• Private cloud solutions 
• Scalability tailored solutions 
• Environment security solutions

Technology stack & tooling

We master a broad range of technologies:

• Django and Flask as Python frameworks
• AngularJS, JQuery as Javascript frameworks
• PostgreSQL and MySQL
• Redis, Celery and Celerybeat for async processing and scheduling
• Amazon AWS
• Google App Engine
• OpenStack
• Apache Spark

We use Agile methodology (both SCRUM and Kanban), Jira and Pivotal as issue trackers, Git/Bitbucket as revision control systems. 
We have experience with Odoo (former OpenERP) implementation, customization and integration services, Odoo private cloud on OpenStack and scalability/performance tailored solutions. We deploy Odoo suiting your business needs after customization and also help you run it properly, integrate it with your current systems and assign a dedicated consultant to offer support and training.  


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  • Edwin Witvoet

    Owner of Jibe Company: Webdevelopment Services | Data management & Visualization solutions
  • Rick Houf

    Owner of Jibe Company. Co-defining and transforming eMarketing concepts into working Integrated Brand Experiences inspiring consumers to find, explore, interact and engage with your business!
  • Peter van Marwyk

    Co Owner, CFO, COO at 8vance BV, a Netherlands-based start-up
  • Han Stoffels

    CEO at 8vance BV and Domizz. 8vance is a data driven matching technology company that utilises extensive profiles, big data, and sophisticated matching algorithms to build solutions for and disrupt some large marketplaces. 
  • Work

  • PEP 20 -The Zen of Python

    We strive to provide the most suitable solutions to each customer individually.
    Therefore we can work on different kinds of projects.
    You just have to choose the one that best fits your needs:
    • time and material projects
    • fixed time/fixed price assignments
    • full development life cycle of the project
    • development capacity